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Agilent Technologies

Forecasting and Supply Chain Modeling

agilent.jpgA new addition to Agilent, the PolarLogic virtual manufacturing division, was charged with overseeing the global supply chain for their latest product line.

CarpeDatum Consulting, Inc. provided training and support, but more importantly assisted Agilent with hooks from an Oracle database to an TM1 server using CarpeDatum's own ETL tool Transport.

One of the main considerations in choosing an TM1 based planning solution for the PolarLogic group at Agilent Technologies was the recent success of the Breakthrough Improvements For Forecasting (BIFF) project. Internal team members, already trained from the BIFF project, provided several key components of the new planning system. Using internal personal, Agilent dramatically cut down on both project costs and implementation time.

When the first phase of the project architecture was complete, CarpeDatum assisted with data warehouse ties that automatically updated the system using CarpeDatum's own ETL tool Transport. When scheduled and linked to the Oracle database, Transport automatically updated dynamic dimensions as well as sales and orders data provided to the ArcticPlanner system. In addition, the system forecasted and tracked inventory movements. CarpeDatum also provided advanced training and structural enhancements to the existing architecture.