Business intelligence systems enable users to interactively view and analyze their data to make timely, accurate, information-based decision.

They give you in-depth knowledge of your business, at your fingertips; at the exact moment you need it. It transforms your data to help you make better decisions, lower expenses and increase your competitive advantage.


Financial Analysis, Forecasting & Budgeting

bp.pngPartnered with two "Big-Six" consulting firms, CarpeDatum Consulting was hired to help create a worldwide financial planning and forecasting system for one of the largest oil companies in the world. Of importance were simultaneous user access, a single repository for financial data, consistent business rules, reporting consolidations according to how the business is organized and security at a group level.

The first phase of global implementation and testing for this dynamic project included three business units in Europe and North America. The solution needed to be flexible enough to allow business units operating in different regions, under different laws and codes, to report consistent and consolidated financial data to top level management. Additionally, scenario management needed to support several different types of business analysis for numerous groups.

CarpeDatum's provided high-level oversight, direction and project management. Additionally, CarpeDatum oversaw core model architecture and advanced rule development as well as management for the TM1 engine with core team members from Applix and two other Big Six Consulting Firms. The solution is an TM1 engine with ties to the company's existing data warehouse. Complex scenario management is achieved using a combination of Perl scripts and CarpeDatum's Transport. Users were also provided with a web-based interface for view into forecasted and budget financial statements, actual performance and various metrics for the selected business units.