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Connecting to Microsoft ODBC via TM1Connect in Excel
Connecting to Microsoft ODBC via TM1Connect in Excel
Please download the attached word document for instructions with screenshots.
  1. Once you have successfully created a Microsoft DataSource, using the TM1Connect driver, click on the ‘Data’ tab within your excel spreadsheet.
  2. Select ‘From Other Sources’ then ‘From Microsoft Query’ to Import data from your previously created Microsoft ODBC data source.
  3. Select your data source from the menu and hit ‘OK’.  This will take you to the Query Wizard where we can pick and choose the views of data and columns to be displayed in Excel.

  4. Select your desired columns from your views of data and ensure they are included in the ‘Columns in your Query’ input box.  Hit ‘Next’ to set filters on your selected data.

  5. If you have filters to place upon your data, add them on the Filter Data page.  If you don’t want to filter your data, simply hit Next to set Sort Order.

  6. Add your column sorting to your new query.  Then hit Next to import your data into your Excel spreadsheet.

  7. Import data to your Excel spreadsheet and a pop up will display to help handle the incoming data from the new query.  This pop up will simply allow you to create a simple table, PivotTable or PivotChart from the incoming data.  For demonstration’s sake we will use a simple table.  Hit OK to view your data.

  8. Once you are back in your spreadsheet you should see a table containing data from your original query.

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