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TM1Web URL API bug for TM1 10.2.0
We have discovered a known defect specific to the TM1Web URL API.  In particular if a user is attempting to view a TM1WebSheet using the TM1Web URL AND the same user has TM1 configured to use "IntegratedSecurityMode=2" within the tm1s.cfg, the TM1Web URL API will not correctly display the TM1Web object.

One would use this feature if they are displaying TM1Web objects (either web sheets or cube views) directly via a URL.  This feature will also be disabled within the ESFramework 'esApplication' widgets.  The esApplication widgets use iframes that call the TM1Web URL web methods, so these widgets will not work with this version of TM1 AND when "IntegratedSecurityMode=2" is enabled.  "IntegratedSecurityMode=1" does correctly work with the TM1Web URL API.

This bug has been resolved as of the release of TM1 10.2.2, so if you need to use the TM1Web URL API and "IntegratedSecurityMode=2" you can always upgrade your version of TM1 as well to solve this problem.

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